Landlords Wanted

We are currently experiencing a shortage of quality rental accommodation, across all neighborhoods and areas in the county.

Our real estate agents are at the heart of our community and are well placed to advise you about the how to get the best out of your investment.


Our team have over a decade’s experience in valuations and will be delighted to give you a free valuation and inspection – with absolutely no obligations!

With over a thousand rental properties on our books, we know what we are talking about and have our finger on the pulse, when it comes to rental prices.

For our valuations team, this is all they do, day in day out. They will be able to give you a very quick valuation and if you want to, you can begin renting your property out with us – as simple as that!


Maybe you have already thought about letting your property, but then decided against it, as being too much hassle.

It does not need to be.

Your empty property could be yielding you a tidy stream of income and the best part is we will do all the hard work.

Being a landlord is demanding. Having to be on hand to maintain the dwelling and ensure everything complies with the law, can be a drag.

Which is why we can handle all that for you.


With our in-house contractors, we can get anything that needs doing to your property, done!

No more ringing around tradesmen and comparing quotes – we have everyone we need on board and it won’t cost a fortune either.

All our contractors are fully licensed and accredited and all of them are consummate professionals when it comes to your home.

We won’t let anyone near your property unless we are certain they are an expert at what they are doing!

So if the cost of repairs was putting you off from letting your property, then that’s one more box ticked!


Having to go through the process of interviewing and vetting tenants can be tedious.

Which is why we are on hand to do it for you.

We can background check all potential applicants for your property and make sure they are suitable tenants.

Any details you want checking – work history, proof of income, can be done by us.

Of course, we give you the final say over who moves into your home.

However, if you want us to handle all aspects of the process, you can trust us to do it for you!

To find out more about becoming a landlord or letting out your vacant property with our agency, speak to Arina today.